A Personal Approach.

Our company has been working with clients to help them from the devastation of addiction and has over 20 years of first-hand experience counseling hundreds of individuals. We believe recovery is a way of life and touches all aspects of our life.

While residential treatment programs expose clients to the fundamentals of sobriety, they don’t teach them the life skills necessary for transitioning back into daily life. Our holistic approach is proven to provide lasting results that help our clients get their lives back.

Meet The Team

Laurie Jackson

Recovery Coaching Coordinator

Laurie has worked as a Recovery Coach with Lorilei Safran since 2009.  Laurie realized how vital it is for people who go away to treatment to be able to relocate back into their normal life with a new set of challenges.  Laurie got her first-hand training with her daughter and wanted to continue to share the methods she learned to help others.  Laurie got sober in 2001 and loves working with others.  She has taken the Arise Intervention Training and can also help the family to get their loved one into treatment.  She has worked with hundreds of clients aged 20 – 68 all over the United States.



Recovery Coach

Katie has been in recovery since 2011. She has dedicated her life to helping those still suffering, working as a recovery coach since 2014. Katie brings her own personal experience of addiction into her profession to better help clients and is currently studying Addiction Disorder Studies. She will be a State Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor by the summer of 2018.


Recovery Coach

Michael Quinn Conroy has lived in the Conejo Valley since 1969. Educated at Agoura High School, UCSB and, Ventura College of Law Mike is familiar with the area, its people, and what it is like to grow up here. Mike has owned and operated several successful businesses during which time he went back to school at UCLA to complete their 2 year CAADAC Program (California Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor). Mike is now a Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor (CADC) and enjoys working with addict/alcoholics and sharing his experience, strength and, hope with them.

Inger Hauge

Recovery Coach

Inger is highly credentialed in drug and alcohol counseling. She has built her entire life around recovery. This includes her career and personal life. Inger thrives in helping women get and stay sober. Sober for many years, Inger is able to connect with people on a very deep level of empathy and compassion. She is a twelve step advocate, but also knows there are alternative ways to find peace within yourself and is willing to meet a person right where they are at.

Gary Sherwin

Recovery Coach

Gary is an Interventionist, Sober Coach and Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor. He is a graduate with distinction from UCLA’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor program. He received his Interventionist training from the California state credentialing organization CCAPP approved provider, Joe Aragon and completed a two-year training program under Dr. Allen Berger, a world renown authority on addictive behavior, author, speaker, and psychotherapist. Gary is also in personal recovery since 2001.

Peter Wassyng

Recovery Coach

Peter Wassyng has been involved in recovery for over 20 years..both on a personal and professional basis having worked in treatment facilities and on a one on one basis with many suffering from substance abuse. Prior to working in recovery, Peter had a 25-year career in the music business working for major record companies and recording artists, primarily a promotion and marketing executive.

Peter also traveled extensively as a tour manager and a personal assistant to working musicians. He has first-hand knowledge how difficult it can be for a professional trying to maintain sobriety in what can sometimes be a stressful environment with many challenges. He is passionate about helping people transition to a successful recovery.

Lorilei Safran, LMFT

Supervising Clinical Director

I have worked in the field of addiction for over 25 years and have observed that while residential treatment programs expose the clients to the fundamentals of sobriety, they don’t teach them the life skills necessary for transitioning back into the clients’ daily lives.

My career has afforded me the opportunity to work with a variety of addictions and an extremely diverse clientele.  My experience has taught me that each client and every addiction is distinct and should be treated accordingly.


Lorilei Safran, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist and founder of Recovery Coaching Inc.

Ms. Safran earned her BA in psychology at UCLA and her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. She began her career at Tarzana Treatment Center, then worked as a psychotherapist at Promises Residential Treatment Center in Malibu, CA, and subsequently developed and directed the clinical program at Wavelengths International Residential Treatment Center in Malibu, CA.

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